Each week on “The Mark Moss Show,” Moss helps audiences understand and navigate Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, as well as why they’re important, including the business, politics, financial markets, and more. He’ll share his knowledge for why this isn't just a new technology, but a technological revolution with the biggest opportunity and potential ever seen. With more than 25 years’ experience building seven and eight-figure business and investment portfolios, Moss delivers valuable experience and perspective as he teaches audiences how to invest their money to find true success and security.

About Mark Moss

Mark Moss’ investing career started in 1995, buying foreclosed real estate from banks after the 1989-1992 crash. He also began investing in internet stocks in the mid-1990s and started his first online business in 2001, at the bottom of the dot-com crash. During that time, he learned hard but valuable lessons, like harnessing technology cycles after investing through the Internet boom, and the importance of asset allocation after losing everything in the 2008 financial crash. Most importantly, he learned how to bounce back, overcome defeat, and learn and improve from his mistakes.

Moss’ widespread experience and sense of adventure allowed him to find trends early and jump on them for success. For the last few years, the biggest trend and his most successful investment ever has been in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies. In 2015, he went all-in on cryptocurrencies and launched his first online crypto asset publication, Block United in 2016, to help people learn what this new technology is, why it’s important, the potential it has, and how everyone can participate for maximum gains without spending hundreds of hours studying markets over the years.

Moss’ main outlet for speaking and teaching is his YouTube Channel: Market Disruptors, which began in 2017 as a way to discuss the opportunities of Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in a non-traditional way. Since then, the channel has attracted almost 20 million views and topics have expanded to cover general investing, success and mindset. Market Disruptors is also available as a podcast.

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